The SME CEO Forum 2017 will permeate the many opportunities in Malaysia, now reaping the benefit of the SME Start-up and Promotion Year. As announced during Budget 2016, the government is encouraging the SMEs of Malaysia to take a more active role in our economy.

The forum will focus on extensive information on how relevant parties may assist in optimising the privileges provided to SMEs in 2017, as well as structuring a business through many other incentives offered such as tax relieves, start-up incentives, trading licenses and capital massing. Exemplary businesses and case studies will also be shared by invited professionals with first-hand experience. Various authorities will also be present to share on how to involve the public sector in establishing a successful business.

This year’s theme sets its sight in bringing SMEs towards maturity, where one business can withstand economic fluctuation. More so than sustainability, a business should be able to withstand all external influence beyond economics. Hence, the panel for 2017 welcomes business owners with over 10 years of establishment and regional presence, ushering their presence to nurture upcoming peers to enrich the country’s economy.



Chap 1

Policies, Legislations and Opportunities

  • SME figures, challenges and solutions
  • Start-ups, Incubation and Business Maturity Authorities in Malaysia
  • International and domestic trade regulation and assistance to SMEs

Chap 2

Finance and

  • Funding and Loans for different business purposes: Deciding which is better
  • Cash flow and financial auditing for better business transaction and liquidity
  • How to attract investors for a growing business

Chap 3

Scale-up and Expansion

  • How to bring a local business to an international level
  • Identifying opportunity and competition in a foreign market
  • Legislations and bureaucracy

Chap 4

Enablers and

  • Online presence and investment: How much does it cost and how much do you gain?
  • SHow is mobile technology be relevant to different businesses?
  • Which shifting business platform is a threat or opportunity?

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