22 SEPT 2021

26 NOV 2021


Redefine, Reinvent, Recover

We are on the road to normalcy, but this does not mean we get to be complacent. COVID-19 may have ended, but the wheels of change have only started. Businesses will have to Redefine their place in the world.

Brand new paradigms and models have been set. Digital transformation, health and safety, and purpose-driven business are all trends that have been accelerated. Featuring the most successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and solutions providers, we are here to Reinvent business.

A decline in the global economy is predicted, even after we have beaten COVID-19. But not all businesses will be fated to decline. Meet experts and industry leaders who have the formula to success and implement them into your business. Recovery is in sight.

Time for SMEs to Bounce Back

One thing we can learn from 2020 is making our business more pandemic resilient. Most companies have experienced significant disruptions in their regular operations. They have also experienced significant shifts in consumer demand and behaviour. Every sector is affected, from consumer and retail sectors to manufacturing, life sciences to automotive industries.

SMEs need to think about business continuity and how to adapt to a changed world. It is not enough to just react to critical business shocks. The business must be reshaped in line with the ‘new normal’ while planning for the next stage of recovery.

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