Delegate Composition

Our delegates, primarily investing time for the forum content, is also present for various reasons. The SME CEO Forum being a prime networking platform, attracts many other individuals with a different agenda who, nonetheless, adds to the value of presence here at our event:

Primary Delegates:

SME Business Owners / Entrepreneurs

Proactive business owners eager to discover new business incentives or ventures will find much like-minded people here. With the forum line-up focused on business development, financial discussions and public-sector incentives, expanding businesses and start-ups stand to benefit most from attending this event. The forum is a rare opportunity to get up-close and personal with the most influential figures running various business sectors in Malaysia.

C-Level Management / Board of Directors / Corporate Presidents

With an established business operating optimally, this category of delegates is here to explore business partners. Composing of primary target audience for B2B structures, they make an excellent connection for networking purposes, capable of highlighting the most important questions to our panel of intelligence, too.

Venture Capitalists / Investment Community / Financial Consultants

An extremely functional composition among our delegates, the SME CEO Forum is known to attract capitalists eager to explore venture-worthy SMEs. Such personnel either represent MNCs or private funds that seek to nurture their own opportunities, growing potential start-ups or promising SMEs into a profitable vehicle. Commonly unannounced, they make an incredible addition to our delegate composition.

Functional Managerial / Academicians / NGOs

Either with an earnest desire to learn or voice professional concerns, our forum also makes an excellent platform for parties with dedicated objectives other than running businesses. They make an excellent addition of delegates with the most accurate insight of challenges restricted only to professionals in dedicated positions, such as HR, Marketing, Operations, Legal or even Accounts.