The SME CEO Forum returns in 2018 as the titular platform for SME intelligence in Malaysia, focusing on the opportunities brought about by the Leading Entrepreneur Accelerator Platform (LEAP) Market. With a renowned history of bringing together the most important and influential bodies representing both public and private sectors, the SME CEO Forum 2018 is another important date for the most important people in the SME field of Malaysia.

8.45 ~ 9.15 am  |  Registration of Delegates and Media
9.15 ~ 9.30 am  |  Welcome Address
By Y.Bhg. Dato’ William Ng
Group Publisher / Editor-in-Chief, Business Media International
9.30 ~ 9.45 am  |  Opening Address
By Guest-of-Honour
Tan Sri Ir. (Dr) Mohamed Al Amin Hj Abdul Majid, Chairman SME Corporation
9.45 ~ 10.00 am  |  Officiating Ceremony
By Y.Bhg Datuk Seri Tajuddin bin Atan, Y.Bhg. Dato’ William Ng, Y.Bhg Dato’ Hafsah Hashim
10.00 ~ 10.30 am  |  Opening Keynote Speaker
Identifying Risks and Opportunities in the Leap Market
YB Datuk Seri Tajuddin bin Atan, CEO
BURSA Malaysia
10.30 ~ 10.45 am  |  Morning Break
11.15 ~ 11.45 am  |  Speaking Session
By Mr Tan Wae Leng, Deputy Managing Partner
Cheng & Co
11.45 ~ 12.45 pm  |  Panel Discussion 1
Considering the motivating reasons for SMEs in the LEAP Market
Ms Hanita Othman, Vice President of Primary Market
BURSA Malaysia
12.45 ~ 1.45 pm  |  Lunch
1.45 ~ 2.00 pm  |  Announcement and Lucky Draw
3.00 ~ 4.00 pm  |  Panel Discussion 2
Knowing What is Disrupting Business Among SMEs
Dr Oliver Ho, Innovation Associate, AECOM
Mark Koh, CEO, SupaHands
4.00 ~ 4.15 pm  |  Evening Break
4.15 ~ 4.45 pm  |  Speaking Session
An SME, Sharing Economy Exchange
Malaysia SME
5.15 ~ 5.30 pm  |  Lucky Draw and Closing Address
5.30 ~ 6.00 pm  |  Delegates Networking Session
6.00 pm  |  End of Event
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According to BURSA, “The LEAP Market complements both the Main Market and ACE Market by addressing the funding gap faced by the SMEs. It also enhances the existing SME funding eco-system and address the over-dependency of these SMEs on financial institutions by providing them access to the capital market.”

While general understanding of the LEAP Market oversimplifies into “SME financing alternative via BURSA”, the requirements and future brought about is much more intricate. Recognising this issue, the SME CEO Forum 2018 aims to bridge this information gap and act as a dissemination platform for parties with the potential to partake, expand and monetise this opportunity. Such efforts will involve pioneer enterprises engaging the LEAP Market, proposed assistance from both public and private sectors and, of course, BURSA Malaysia itself.


What other parties are involved in ensuring the initiation?

Question about the COMMUNITY

Which industries are limited within the LEAP Market?

Question about the COMPETITION

When is the best stage of a business to be when engaging the LEAP Market?

Question about the ENGAGEMENT


Other than our panel of intelligence, the SME CEO Forum had always been a host to business owners, entrepreneurs, C-level directors and even venture capitalists. The forum is a platform for high-volume business-matching and quality networking in a concentrated environment. With healthy representatives from different industries coming from public and private sectors, there is a guarantee of someone to meet.

Solution providers, consultants, B2B and to selected luxury industries, B2C businesses find their target audience present with the chance for a face-to-face engagement.

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