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Wednesday, 24 October 2018
9.00am – 6.00pm


Time to Innovate


The business enterprise has two – and only two – basic functions; marketing and innovation Peter Drucker

Over the past few years, we have seen innovative business structures changing the entire industry. The market is filling up with more tools to allow for such practices. This includes the relatively new block-chain technology and creation of the crypto-currency. It is also true, that innovative ideas of utilising such tools and adapting to changes brought about is primary key. Knowing this, we source for the most suitable candidates that brought about innovative changes to enterprises in Malaysia this coming SME CEO Forum!

Digital Economy

The digital transformation impact on the economy is expected to significantly increase by RM400bil by 2025, as shared by Malaysia Digital Economy Corp (MDEC) CEO Datuk Yasmin Mahmood in an interview. We also know that the top challenges in digital readiness of Malaysian key industries are the lack of structured approach, unavailable or no prioritised budget, lack of digitally skilled workforce, and a perception that digital transformation is too fast paced and complex.

The first phase of DFTZ, comprising the e-Fulfilment Hub, Satellite Services Hub and e-Service Platform in Aeropolis, Sepang, will stimulate growth in e-trade and in turn transform the Kuala Lumpur International Airport as the regional gateway.

With the introduction of the Digital Free Trade Zone, SMEs in Malaysia began to assimilate more constructive structures to cash-in on platform, reaching out to greater international opportunities. What are the criterias for participating in the DFTZ? What are the most significant changes that can be brought about? We aim to find out.

Digital Enterprises

Everyone today is a generation which saw the rise of digital superpowers; Alibaba, Air BnB, Grab, Lazada, Agoda, etc. All these enterprises brought about innovative change to the industry, offering progressive convenience to users and inspiring the start of various other adaptations. An abundance of home-grown enterprises is permeating the Malaysian market, likewise eager to tap onto the innovative change introduced by pioneers.

These digital enterprises also attracted fair attention from investors, channelling a healthy portion of the economy into its development. As it is, the market has learned its own algorithm in evaluating the worth of such enterprises, greatly contributing to significant growth that threatens to oust orthodox business practises. How are these companies attracting attention of investors? How did they fare as competition to established businesses? What are their projected growth? At our Forum, we bring the answers!

Block-chain Technology

Commonly known as the innovation behind crypto-currencies, the technology is also innovatively adapted for other uses with the intention of revolutionising industries. We will be taking a small-peek into the applications and development of the block-chain technology to anticipate the impact it will bring to SME practises in Malaysia

SMES Make-a-wish
Who is it that inspire your business practise the most? Drop us a name and reason on why you would like to meet this person, and we perhaps your wish might come true!

MORE! If you are the reason behind us inviting your inspired individual on-stage, we will also extend you an invitation to join us as a panellist!

Who Will be There?

Other than our usual composition of business owners, we are also anticipating a unique crowd of specialist in innovative applications and technologies eager to develop their business. Investors and start-up owners alike are advised to utilise this opportunity for mass networking!