Ashran Dato’Ghazi
June 14, 2018
Pn Hanita Othman
June 14, 2018
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KeshMahinder Singh

CEO & Founder, Kollect Systems Sdn Bhd


KeshMahinder Singh, CEO & President of Kollect Systems is a subject matter expert on Trade Credit and Accounts Receivable (A/R) Collections & Recovery Automation. Kesh brings to the table decades of experience in this field. He has addressed C level audiences as a speaker & panelist at both international and local engagements. A/R Collection automation platform is highly relevant to SMEs, as it is an invaluable tool to transform payment collection process, a vital contributor to the health of Firms as it brings tremendous efficiency gains to A/R Collection Managers.

Kesh will address automation solutions and platforms that CEOs of SMEs can leverage on to improve collections efficiencies which in turn helps companies better manage their cash flow management.

Some areas that Kesh Singh will engage the audience are:
• How to leverage the use of advanced technologies to automate reminders & notifications effectively
• How to encapsulate standard operating procedures into comprehensive Collection Strategies using automation
• How to aggregate invoices from multiple ERP/Accounting systems for a single statement of account (SOA) for the Customer
• Why some clients find excuses like invoice disputes or service complaints and just don’t pay
• How to leverage the Internet for self-care as a new method to empower the customers, reduce costs and securely publish selected accounting information
• A/R Collections & Recovery on the Cloud