Sponsorship Opportunities

For proactive opportunists out there, are you eager to optimise your chances at our event? Talk to us to find out how your brand may get recognised by hundreds of business owners overnight and generate new portfolios for your business in a single day, as we browse over sponsorship opportunities to enable the branding of your company in our SME CEO Forum!

While attending personnel are allowed to pursue their own agenda, business opportunities are best optimised at our event by sponsorships. This guarantees a unique level of conduct non-accessible to delegates, prolonged exposure to our attending delegates, also tapping into our promotional efforts. Some notable privilege to consider includes:

Business Conduct

Sponsors and exhibitors are granted distribution rights within the hall. Flyers, goodies, catalogues offer deeper impression than name-cards. Broadcasting rights can also be negotiated to either be within your own booth or during breaks. In selected cases, sponsors are allowed special presence on the stage to join our panels and join our panel-discussion as guests! Take note, however, content moderation by the organiser applies.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Instead of waiting to get in touch post-event, sponsors and exhibitors can proceed straight to discussion in private. Potential networks will also be exposed upfront to your company branding and immersive experienced offered by your personnel.

Prestige Tie-In

With your brand continuously appearing next to our event title, public and delegates alike will come to associate your brand with a quality and intelligent platform. Investment into our event also expose your brand to continuous promotions conducted under our campaign, the titular logo of a 9-year intelligence platform reaching out to the nation’s business owners. Think social media, printed advertisements, web-banners, newsletters, photo-booths and programme leaflets.


Sponsorship Personal:

  • Ms Eleen Wong